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This project at the University Village Plaza consisted of updating and repairing the exterior façade with corrugated metal wall panels and replacing/repairing a small section of the roof. When RAM arrived, we discovered extensive wood rot, which we gutted and replaced. Upgrades included CMU around exterior and columns, pre-cast concrete accents, replacement of damaged structural steel columns, metal framing & trusses, DensGlass sheathing around the entire storefront, wall patch & repair, a 5,300 SF section of new single-ply roof with waterproofing membrane, painting, and electrical modifications. This took extensive communication with each tenant, so as not to interrupt business.

Project Cost: $1,660,554     Project Size: 14,560 SF     Completion: December 2018

Owner: Westwood Plaza, LLC    Architect: Hoy + Stark Hagan Architects

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