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The first project RAM, completed at Chipola College, in 2012 consisted of 10,500 SF of classroom renovations including a complete HVAC change out, upgraded new lighting and data communication infrastructure. New ceilings, paint, walls, doors and hardware and other new finishes were applied to bring this project up to speed with the rest of the beautiful facilities located on campus. Time was of the essence with this project as this building serves as many different stages for the students and staff. With a 90 calendar day duration, the challenge was set to complete in time and under budget. 

The second project, completed in 2016, included 31,000 SF of renovations to an existing dorm building. It required removing and replacing existing finishes, HVAC, and lighting. Scope of work included framing, drywall, insulation, doors/frames/hardware, aluminum window units, millwork, acoustical ceiling tile, as well as interior and exterior finishes. The building was partially occupied during construction.

Total Project Cost: $2,327,000     Total Project Size: 41,500 SF      

Owner: Chipola College Board of Trustees     Architect: Paul A. Donofro & Associates, Brett L. Parrish Architecture

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