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RAM was chosen to  carry out over $20 million dollars in renovations to Fairview Middle School over the span of five years. The first two phases were on the gymnasium. 

First, RAM installed new roofing over the existing gymnasium building, including replacement of the existing gutter system with new roof drains, flashings, and gutter systems and replacement with a new SBS modified bituminous membrane roof, roof accessories, and joint sealants. Work continued inside with the removal of the existing gymnasium floor, including the concrete floor slab and the replacement of the slab with new compacted fills, waterproof vapor barrier, new slab and wood gymnasium flooring. The project also included new telescoping bleacher systems, new basketball backboards with motorized height adjustments, floor inserts for volleyball standards, and other sports equipment.​

The next gymnasium phase continued the work of Phase I and also included new additions and renovations to the existing locker rooms and support spaces. RAM installed new metal roofing, flashing, trim, and other roof accessories. Work included earthwork & termite control, selective demolition, cast-in-place concrete, new concrete unit masonry and brick veneer to match existing, steel framing & decking, cold-form framing & metal trusses, carpentry, plastic laminate cabinets, insulation, vapor retarders, aluminum storefront and doors & windows, floor, wall, and ceiling finishes, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, and electrical & fire alarm systems. RAM also oversaw installation of new lockers, visual display boards, and other specialties. 


Building 8 is the newest building on the Fairview Middle School campus, with construction completed in 2019. Work was divided into two phases. The first phase consisted of a concrete foundation and food service equipment for the new Administration, Stage/Multi-Purpose, and Kitchen Building. The work included earthwork, termite control, concrete formwork, reinforced cast-in-place concrete, and food service equipment. The second phase included a new administration, stage, dining, and new kitchen/custodial areas. Work included earthwork, cast-in-place concrete, new concrete unit masonry, and brick veneer to match existing, structural steel framing, steel decking, cold form framing and metal trusses, rough carpentry, plastic laminate accessories, doors, windows, aluminum storefront, glazing and door hardware, floor, wall and ceiling finishes, specialties, including but not limited to visual display bords, louvers, toilet compartments, accessories, signs and metal lockers, residential appliances, stage curtains, site clearing, earthwork and termite control, mechanical systems, plumbing, fire protection, electrical and fire alarm system. 


There are still 3 remaining phases under construction, with anticipated completion in 2021.

Total Project Cost: $11,802,131   Project Size: 54,544 SF     Completion: September 2019

Owner: Leon County Schools    Architect: Barnett Fronczak Barlowe & Shuler Architects

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