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This historical park includes gardens, a reflecting pond, hopscotch courses, picnic tables and spirit houses. Rather than trying to replicate old-fashioned shotgun houses, these spirit houses were designed as three open-air frame structures with a chimney to symbolize the smoky haze. To commemorate one of the centers of the former Smokey Hollow community, the barbershop was restored and relocated  to the park, where it now stands as a memorial. This project consisted of site improvements, including demolition, clearing, excavation, earthwork, grading, concrete flatwork, modular block retaining wall, a retaining wall with decorative brick veneer, and installation of trail lights. Other work completed included various site repairs and improvements to the amphitheater, Discovery Garden, and drainage improvements.

Total Project Cost: $659,011     Completion: 2015 - 2017     Owner: Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency 


Architects: Lewis + Whitlock, Hammond Design Group, Nobles Design Group

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